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The ride out into space was quiet until Prince Desou thought it would be safe. Prince Desou put the ship on auto pilot, so he could look at the bird girl. She sat there in the passenger seat wearing one of the male servants clothes to hide the figure that he know that was beneath. He had his eye on the bird girl ever since the queen announced she had acquired her.
With every gala the queen threw, she paraded the bird girl out for all to see how her growth was amazing. The prince did not know the real reason why the queen had her, but you could tell the girl did not like being under the queens rule.
The bird girl had beautiful flowing white hair with hints of black streaks in them.  Her eyes were a deep onyx that at did not seem that white ever existed in them.
"What's your name girl?" Prince Desou asked. Sora looked at the prince deciding if he could be trusted. "I know you can speak." He said waiting.
"Sora" she said.
"Sora is a nice name. I know you recognized me. the look on your was undeniable. The deal I made with Mari was to drop you both both off on the Stoya Planet. That is not an easy planet to survive on but she said she would have someone there to help the both of you."
Sora looked at the prince with suspicion, will he honor his word. 
"Don't look at me in that way. I will take you their as promised. On you have a weapon?" Prince asked.
"No." Sora said as she kept her eyes on him.
"Well take this. It's motion sensitive. If you point and touch it will fire." He explained.
"I don't know how to use weapons. Is this planet violent?" Sora asked
"Every planet is violent. You will just have to learn to defend yourself." The prince said as he hand over the weapon.
The ships alarm system went off and Sora pointed the weapon on the prince.
"You learn quickly. That is just letting me know we are close to the planet. Get ready to leave." The prince said as he truned and took control of the ship.
The prince knew she would need looking after after. Once they land on the planet he will employ someone to watch over her.
The landing was smooth, Sora rose and went to exit the ship when the prince stop her.
"Sora we will meet again and next time I hope you will not be so guarded towards me. I am not so threatening as you may perceive me"
Sora just looked at prince Dasou and exited the craft. The planet was not what she expected. It was very industrialized. The people looked at Sora as she walked by with contempt.
A young woman just jumped in front of her and asked "Where's Mari?" Taking a closer look, she could see the resemblance.
"She did not come." Sora said.
"She did not or could not?" she asked
"She said her fate has been decided. Sora said
The young woman just looked at Sora with realization in her eyes.
"My sister is no more." She said as she looked at her.


United States
I am an aspiring writer. At the moment I work with kids, but would love to make a living off my writing .

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