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I layed awake on my bed and waited for the moon to reach it's highest peek.  I spent my time deciding on what to call my self.  They have been calling me the queens bird girl.  No one ever thought of giving me a name. So I choose Sora. It seems appropriate.

The moon has almost reached the peek. That's when I decided to go to Meri's room to tell her to get ready.
Meri was sitting down on her bed with a tear streaming down her face. I didn't understand why. This is the day she foreseen. 
"Mari why are you crying? You must get up. We have to leave." I asked
"I can not leave. You have to leave. I had another vision. My life must be forfeit to save yours." Mari said.
"No that's not going to happen. You are coming with me." I said sternly.
"You are a very special being. You were meant for something much larger than rescuing me. I willingly sacrifice my self. Now you must go. The queen will want to know where you went and If I leave as well they will surly capture you. Please go."Mari insisted.

I didn't want to leave her. I knew how vicious the queen can be to get information from those who go against her. But the look in Mari's eyes told me no matter what I say she was not coming and my opportunity to leave is getting short. I gave her a hug and kissed her quickly as I ventured out of the the room.

Everyone was asleep except the queens loyal beast.  Mari saved part of her meal and gave it to me to give it to the beast as distraction.

There he was, all one thousand pounds of meat charging for me. I threw the meat down the hallway passed mari's door.  It went straight for it. It meat was stale and personally I feel like retching. But I will do what I have to, to be free.

There was a servant ship waiting at the northeast of the castle and I never flew. Mari said there will be someone waiting for us on the ship. Now it's only me. I hope that  does not change plans.

I made it on and there he was. Prince Desou. I'm going to die.

"Where is Mari?" He asked.
"She said it was not foreseen for to go." I said
"Fine, let us go now. We can not wait any longer." The prince said.

I walked onto the ship and watched as he piloted it. I still may die yet. I do not trust Prince Desou. He tends to leer at me from afar. I can not turn back now.

(Will Sora make it to her home world? Or is there a dastardly plan afoot ? We shall see in the next part of falcon girl)


United States
I am an aspiring writer. At the moment I work with kids, but would love to make a living off my writing .

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